Enjoying the Journey of Life

Life is a journey. We are always moving, changing, evolving, growing and experiencing. There are windy roads, rough waves, dark skies just as there are smooth rides, calm waters and clear blue skies in our forecasts.  Seemingly harsh conditions in our forecast may appear as experiences of loss, transition, change, fear, toxicity, energy drainers or negativity.

How do we stay afloat when we hit some waves, speed bumps, road blocks or unsafe weather conditions?

When you encounter some spins, bumps, waves and heavy rains, always remember to…

  • Have hope and to be compassionate with yourself.
  • Take good care of yourself. Make time for yourself and your thoughts.  Try using mindfulness, art-making or journaling to release your thoughts and express yourself.
  • Be empowered.  We have the amazing task of assigning and attaching meaning to all of our experiences.  What will your experiences mean to you?
  • Learn something and consciously grow from your experience.  What can you learn for next time?
  • Try to see the rainbows, calm skies, blossoming flowers ahead.  They will appear if you let yourself see them.  Remind yourself that things always evolve and no bad storm lasts forever.
  • Allow for emotional and physical distance from those who feel toxic, draining, negative, mean, etc. You are allowed to say no to plans, invites, commitments, etc. It is important to be comfortable exercising the “no” word at times.
  • Take a pause and take a step back.  Spend time checking in with yourself.
  • Create a vision and see it become your reality. Envision yourself living out your goals. It can be beneficial to see an open road ahead.
  • Remember to dream, ask for help, take risks and try something new.  It may not be easy, but that does not mean it’s not worth it.

All of these suggestions may feel easier said than done, but my hope is that you will enjoy the ride and find a sense of peace in every step of your journey.

Sending calm skies your way,

Rachel Dack, L.G.P.C


Rachel Dack is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (L.G.P.C.) and psychotherapist in the state of Maryland. She provides psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults and families. She believes in the importance of providing holistic care for those with mental health and/or medical illnesses through the integration of building a healthy support system, personal wellness practices and psychotherapy. Please connect with her by email: Rachel@RachelDack.com.




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