Gratitude Groove On #2

Set a timer or keep track of time for one minute.  For one minute (or longer), take in the environment around you.  Use all of your senses to locate what you are grateful for. Listen and look around for things that make you feel thankful.  What do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell, what can you touch, what can you eat or taste that brings up feelings of gratitude? What do you appreciate in your environment or the world around you? Make a grateful list and be mindful of your minute. Use all of your time and take more if it feels right. Try not to buy in to any negative or ungrateful thoughts- focus on the good and only the good. If you find yourself thinking in more negative terms, try to reframe your thought into a thought of gratitude and appreciation.

Click to learn more about gratitude and try more gratitude groove on exercises!

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