Gratitude Groove On #5

Think of a situation that appeared to be negative, painful, emotionally intense or difficult for you at the time.  On a piece of paper or in your journal, make a list of all of the good that came from the experience.  Your list may include things that you learned about yourself or the world, skills that you learned and other more positive opportunities that appeared during or after the original situation.  Your list should also include personal strengths and positive aspects of yourself that helped you navigate through your struggle. Think about which skills you had to use to help you cope with the situation.  Remember to include any feelings or words that describe how you handled or approached the situation. Look back on the situation and think about how you grew from the experience and reflect on the positive qualities you possess to help you in the future.

For example….Did you maintain a positive attitude and refuse to give up? Were you able to tell yourself that you would find a solution and that things would work out?  Were you strong and  courageous?  Looking back, do you feel empowered? Did you find support in the world and ask for help when you needed it? What did you learn about yourself and the capabilities that you possess? What did you tell yourself to help you get through the difficulties?

The goal of this gratitude exercise is to reframe something that appeared to be negative or distressing into a learning experience, life lesson or blessing.  What are you grateful for regarding this experience?

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