Journal Jump 10

We all encounter stress in different ways.  The emotional experience is unique to each individual so it is valuable to gain awareness of your own sources of stress, worry, fear, depression, etc.  Identifying your triggers is an important step in reducing stress in your own life and gaining insight into your emotions.

Use your journal to reflect on and identify your triggers of sadness, worry, fear, happiness, and anger.  Make a list or write about what brings about feelings and emotions, such as sadness, worry, fear, happiness and anger.  For example, traffic may bring up feelings of anger while lunch with a close friend may bring up feelings of happiness.  Worry or fear may arise from a specific fear (such as elevators, dogs, thunderstorms or public speaking) or may come from other identified stressors (financial problems, family transitions, break-ups, noise, etc).  A trigger can include any source of physical and/or emotional stress, life event or opportunity for positive emotions relating to work, home, environment, family, self, or social situations.

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