Journal Jump 14

Relationships with others are incredibly powerful and contribute to the way we feel about ourselves.  Some of our relationships offer us support, joy and comfort while others may challenge us, disappoint us or leave us feeling drained.

In your journal, reflect on the current state of your relationships.  Include all of your relationships that are important or meaningful to you.  Use the following questions as a guideline to assess and reflect on your relationships. It may be helpful to answer some of the questions about each of your relationships so you can evaluate them more closely.

How do you feel in your relationships?  What do your relationships offer you in terms of your needs (ex- need to feel loved, need to have a listening ear)? Which relationships are you proud of? Which relationships leave you feeling frustrated or drained?  How can you move forward in your relationships or change them into more fulfilling parts of your life? Which new relationships do you hope to foster and build in the future? What do you need to work on in order to have more cooperative, satisfying relationships?

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