Journal Jump #17

Taking care of our physical and emotional bodies is a significant task for humans.  We feel healthier and happier when we take care of ourselves, get enough sleep and rest, eat nutritiously, exercise our minds and make time for ourselves and our individual needs.  In your journal, reflect on the ways that you care for your body, mind, and emotional self.  What do you do to nourish these parts of you?  What kind of care do you give yourself? Are you patient and compassionate with yourself or do you find that you do not pay enough attention to your own needs?  Do you find that you take better care of others and slack on your own self-care?  What can you improve on in taking care of yourself?  Reflect on these questions and/or write about what self-care means to you.

P.S. I took the above picture while feeding my body nutritious and healthy foods in a fresh food market on a wonderful vacation.

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