Journal Jump #20

When we live authentically, we are able to show the world our true selves and let go of our need to hide behind a mask.  Living this way is not necessarily an easy task due to societal expectations and pressure for perfectionism in the messages that we hear around us.

In your journal, reflect on the parts of yourself that you are confident in showing to the world, the parts of yourself that make you proud and happy, and the parts of yourself that you value and accept. Then reflect on your other parts and qualities that you tend to hide from others and keep to yourself.  Think about who you are and compare your true self to the person that you show the world.  Reflect on what it would be like to approach the world as your most authentic self with your imperfections, uniqueness, weaknesses and vulnerabilities and free of masks to hide behind.  Think about giving yourself permission to live this way.  If you already feel as though you live as your most authentic self, reflect on your journey to this place.

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