Life is Complicated…

Life is complicated…It is healthy to view life as it is.

It is unhealthy to view life as all good or all bad.  Life experiences may be fun, exciting, annoying, frustrating, difficult, enjoyable and anxiety-provoking all at once. It is part of the human experience to feel- we may feel good (positive) or bad (negative) and we are supposed to feel a bunch of emotions in between. It is important to allow ourselves to feel and make sense of our experiences, interactions and relationships without reacting to all emotions.

While feeling a variety of emotions, we have the difficult task of not viewing life in end-all be-all, constricted, closed terms.  We have to be careful not to view our entire lives as bad because we are feeling bad at the moment or something bad happened to us.  We have to realize that we may be feeling bad, but that does not mean that we need to feel bad about ourselves or bad about all life experiences. These insights involve present moment awareness and remembering that emotions, thoughts and feelings come and go.  We may feel down at the moment, but are better off if we are able to keep an open perspective for the future while understanding the temporary state of our emotions.

Below are some quick tips for cultivating and maintaining a healthy perspective about life:

1. View life with an optimistic approach.  Having hope helps everything.

2. Remember that life is complicated.  View it as complicated and let yourself feel what you feel.

3. Use mindfulness practices to let go of your judgments.  Resist the need to react to every emotion. Let your feelings come and go naturally.

4. Keep an open mind about what life has to offer and remember that you have the ultimate control of your perspective. You give meaning to all of your experiences.

5. Look for the good and expect that positive experiences will come to you.

6. If you find yourself getting stuck in your mind and viewing life as all good vs. all bad, remind yourself that you are in a mind trap.  Erase this perspective and allow yourself to view life as it is…

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