Paint Your 2011 Canvas/Journal Jump 13

The year 2011 is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the new year. Imagine that you have a blank canvas to paint and fill with your 2011 visions, hopes, dreams and intentions. You have endless space and freedom to create. You have a huge array of paint colors and brushes.  What do you want your 2011 canvas to look like?

Below are several important exercises, journal jumps and areas of reflection that will help create your 2011 canvas and vision. Remember to leave behind your judgment.

  • Think, write or draw about your desires and intentions for 2011.  Include ALL of your dreams and desires without censoring them with your rational or logical mind. Write down your desires, dreams and intentions in the form of a vision or intention and not in the form of a “want list.”
  • Next, imagine that your dreams and intentions for 2011 came true.  What does it feel like? What emotions, feelings and sensations do you experience in your body? Who are you surrounded by? Use all of your senses to fully imagine and believe that you have cultivated and attracted your desires.
  • Create one or more themes for 2011- something like happiness, nature, love, community, family, self-care or another theme that speaks to your desires, intentions and dreams.  Write about your theme or themes and what you want to manifest in the year ahead. Post your theme words on your refrigerator or somewhere where you can see them and soak them in each day.
  • Write or reflect on the following questions. What do you want to make time to do in 2011? Which experiences do you want to create in 2011? How will you attract these experiences?
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