Rachel’s Approach

I believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to experience the gift of psychotherapy and feel supported during the inevitable difficulties and stresses of life. Psychotherapy is a wonderful outlet that reinforces the idea that we are not alone. A collaborative, trusting relationship between psychotherapist and client is essential for meaningful treatment and I relate to my clients through mutual respect, openness, honest feedback, genuineness and humor. I am dedicated to forming a trusting, warm and collaborative relationship with my clients in which we can join together to make life better and more satisfying.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches in my psychotherapy practice, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Mindfulness-based therapies and Positive Psychology to decrease depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, compulsive thoughts/behaviors and more.  These strategies also help my clients achieve a high quality of life (by being more present in the moment) and engage in healthier, more rewarding relationships.  I also incorporate art therapy, coaching, empowerment strategies and educational components into my work.

I have always believed in the healing powers of holistic wellness, psychotherapy and proactive healthcare. Holistic wellness includes taking care of our bodies (physically, medically, nutritionally, spiritually, etc), gaining an awareness and understanding of our emotions, connecting with the world and feeding our minds.  I draw on these ideas to help my clients optimize their personal wellness and energy.

As a psychotherapist, I assist my clients in developing self-care practices to promote positive wellbeing. Self-care practices may include increasing exercise, developing a healthy sleep routine, implementing “me” time, learning to set boundaries, increasing pleasurable activities and practicing mindfulness.  My hope is that my clients will learn to value themselves, their bodies and relationships in more mindful and healthier ways.

I am committed to collaborating with psychiatrists, school counselors, teachers, doctors and other mental health professionals to ensure that my clients receive effective treatment.  I am dedicated advocate in fostering relationships between the mental health and medical communities to increase awareness and understanding.



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