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10 Strategies to Boost Your Mood and Enhance Your Emotional Health- eHarmony Guest Blog

Your mental health is a major component to the quality of your interactions with others. The healthier you are, the more rewarding your relationships will be. Whether you are single, casually dating, in a serious relationship, married, separated or divorced, … Continue reading

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One Thing to Never Forget During Your Quest for Love- eHarmony Guest Blog

As a psychotherapist and relationship coach, I work with single adults looking for love and navigating the dating world. My clients often come to my office feeling worn out and overwhelmed by the dating process. They may contemplate giving up … Continue reading

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Tips for Happy Transitions for the Changing Seasons and Approaching Holidays

There is a chill in the air. The leaves are changing colors. They are falling and the motion of the wind sweeps them around.  It’s that time of year- a time of transition, change, adjustment and potential growth.  We changed our … Continue reading

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Mood Boosters

Part of the human experience is encountering a variety of emotions and managing mood changes.  We all have moments of happiness, sadness, annoyance, frustration and relaxation and sometimes our negative moods can be difficult to snap out of.  It is … Continue reading

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Commit to Self-Care

Sometimes life feels as though it is moving by so quickly that we forget to take a pause and spend some time nurturing ourselves, our minds and our bodies. We may spend so much time giving to others and caring for those close to us that we forget about our own needs, dreams and desires. We may forget to allow quiet and calm time for our own rejuvenation, relaxation and emotional wellbeing. Lack of time for ourselves causes stress to build up more quickly and actually diminishes our ability to give to others in a healthy way. Continue reading

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