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Mindful Dating: 5 Ways to Adopt this Mentality

Dating on autopilot, staying in your comfort zone, not acknowledging genuine thoughts and feelings and dating unintentionally generally lead to unsuccessful dating and dating difficulties. Applying a mindful approach to your dating life will make you feel more confident, in … Continue reading

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How to Be In the Moment While Dating and Find a Great Partner

Many single individuals date because they are “supposed to.” ¬†They may date to find a partner or spouse, but fail to think about this important point… Dating is not about finding any partner or someone who will do. Dating is … Continue reading

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Focus on Happiness

This Los Angeles Times article on happiness and focus brings up several interesting points and ideas about the connection between the mind and happiness. It discusses the impact that our perceptions have on our experiences and levels of happiness. The authors suggest that how we feel or think (about what we are doing) is a better predictor of happiness than what we are actually doing. Continue reading

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Gratitude Groove On #2

Set a timer or keep track of time for one minute. For one minute (or longer), take in the environment around you. Use all of your senses to locate what you are grateful for. Listen and look around for things that make you feel thankful. Continue reading

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