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Finding Love: 15 Thoughts and Behaviors to Help Guide You There- eHarmony

I wrote this article as an assessment tool for you to use to check in with yourself about your actions, thoughts and feelings around love, intimacy and dating. The article states 15 signs you are ready for love and discusses … Continue reading

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How to Take Control of Negative Thinking- eHarmony Guest Blog

Negative thinking patterns make life less satisfying as they keep you stuck in what’s wrong versus what’s right. Negative thinking commonly gets in the way of what you really want. It leaves you feeling empty, dissatisfied and unsettled. When your glass is … Continue reading

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Keep Your Positive Energy Yours and How to Feed Off Energy Vampires

There are significant costs associated with interacting with energy vampires. After we encounter energy vampires, we tend to feel exhausted and drained. We have let go of some or all of our positive energy and we must find ways to protect ourselves from future encounters. So what can we do to protect ourselves from energy vampires and keep OUR positivity in OUR energy tanks? Continue reading

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