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A Few Thoughts on Weather and Balance

I know that I am not alone when I say that I experienced my first earthquake on Tuesday. It was a scary and unsettling experience and I feel as though my body is still trying to regroup and become balanced … Continue reading

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Commit to Self-Care

Sometimes life feels as though it is moving by so quickly that we forget to take a pause and spend some time nurturing ourselves, our minds and our bodies. We may spend so much time giving to others and caring for those close to us that we forget about our own needs, dreams and desires. We may forget to allow quiet and calm time for our own rejuvenation, relaxation and emotional wellbeing. Lack of time for ourselves causes stress to build up more quickly and actually diminishes our ability to give to others in a healthy way. Continue reading

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Keep Your Positive Energy Yours and How to Feed Off Energy Vampires

There are significant costs associated with interacting with energy vampires. After we encounter energy vampires, we tend to feel exhausted and drained. We have let go of some or all of our positive energy and we must find ways to protect ourselves from future encounters. So what can we do to protect ourselves from energy vampires and keep OUR positivity in OUR energy tanks? Continue reading

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