Are Your Own Thoughts Creating a Barrier to Finding Love?

I am a huge believer that our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs shape our world and the way we see ourselves and others. What we focus on in our minds expands into our lives and therefore, as a psychotherapist, I am a huge advocate for my clients making healthy mind shifts to powerfully create the reality they seek. For you, this might mean shifting your focus away from what is not working as you date to what is possible for your love life. This might also mean reevaluating the beliefs that guide your behaviors and actions, as well as the expectations you set for yourself or others.

So how do your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs affect your relationship status?

Our core beliefs drive the way we view ourselves, others and influence our interactions and relationships. We develop our core beliefs throughout significant events and experiences in our lives. We maintain our core beliefs by focusing on experiences and information that support them, while ignoring anything that contradicts them. In turn, these beliefs may become rigid, inflexible or increasingly negative if we are not aware.

You will naturally begin to behave in ways that are in accordance with your core beliefs, so if your core beliefs about yourself and love are negative, you might be facing problems in the love department.

To read my full article on how your thoughts might be interfering with your love life and roles in relationships, click here to access it on eHarmony.

Take care,

Rachel Dack, MS, LCPC, NCC

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