Psychotherapy for Couples

While relationships bring us happiness and comfort, relationships also take work and energy. All couples face challenges, difficult decisions and hard moments.  How we handle conflict, navigate the ups and downs, and communicate with our partners are essential elements of healthy relationships. Couples therapy helps couples interact in healthier ways and improve communication while increasing connection and intimacy.

Ready to Improve Your Relationship? Rachel is here to help!

Couples therapy, premarital counseling and/or relationship coaching at Rachel Dack Counseling LLC will help you and your partner:

  • Enrich your relationship and reduce conflict
  • Learn valuable skills to increase healthy communication patterns and connections
  • Develop long-lasting relationships that continue to grow and evolve in satisfying ways
  • Manage merging families through marriage, cohabitation, etc.
  • Understand roadblocks and barriers influencing relationship satisfaction
  • Express emotional needs in a safe environment
  • Handle parenting concerns, differences and issues
  • Heal after infidelity and restore broken trust
  • Deal with financial struggles and differing values about money and finances
  • Improve quality of interactions and set aside time for each other
  • Reduce resentment, guilt, shame and anger and negativity in the relationship
  • Build skills and strategies for supportive listening, validation, assertive communication and honesty about feelings

For more information on what to expect, common issues addressed and other benefits of couples counseling, click here.

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