“Finding the love of your life is not about hoping to be picked…It’s about knowing yourself first so that you can be the chooser, rather than waiting to be chosen.”

-David Steele, Author of Conscious Dating

Looking for Love? Is searching for the right person wearing you down? Would you benefit from support in navigating the world of dating and attracting a partner who is right for you? 

Dating and relationship coaching services are offered to single individuals and couples hoping to form and maintain rewarding intimate relationships.  As featured on eHarmony, Datingadvice.com and other leading dating advice sites and podcasts, Rachel is skilled at assisting her clients with creating long-lasting healthy, authentic relationships that include valuable communication strategies, genuine connections, and loving interactions.

Dating/relationship coaching is an interactive, goal-oriented, action-based collaboration between coach and client. This partnership helps the client become more self-aware, more confident, and more knowledgable about dating behaviors, in order to move toward long-term lasting love.

Through dating/relationship coaching, clients will learn to open their hearts, take down emotional walls and mental blocks, and date more consciously, mindfully, and confidently.  Clients will feel supported during the discouraging and anxiety-provoking moments that naturally occur in dating and singlehood, and avoid giving up on love and intimacy. Clients will also learn skills for successful dating and become educated about common dating traps, red flags, relationship stages, etc.

Are you single and hoping to meet a great partner? Are you tired of repeating patterns that leave you stuck in unhealthy relationships or chronically single? Are you unsure where your relationship is going?

Dating/relationship coaching will help you:

  • Date consciously, mindfully and effectively
  • Gain support in attracting a partner who is right for you
  • Be more successful on dating applications and online dating websites
  • Make healthier choices about partner selection by becoming more conscious about the partners you attract and the energy you put out
  • Better understand who you are and be more empowered by owning your personality and strengths
  • Align your dating behaviors and choices with your values, relationship goals and dreams
  • Use online dating, community involvement, and in-person opportunities as effective strategies to meet other like-minded single individuals
  • Heal from previous emotional and relational wounds that keep you stuck, single or repeating relationships patterns that are not working for you
  • Determine if the relationship you are in is “right” for you and make important decisions about the future of your relationship
  • Transition back into the dating scene post-breakup, separation or divorce
  • Avoid common dating traps and better handle challenging and anxiety-provoking dating situations
  • Make a non-existent dating life more active and fulfilling
  • Avoid forming co-dependent, toxic or unhealthy relationships and heal attachment issues
  • Explore commitment and intimacy issues to ensure you are emotionally available
  • Handle nerves, shyness, worry or discouragement interfering with dating success
  • Heal from fear, anxiety, avoidance and bad breakups
  • Avoid being put in the “friend zone”
  • Gain confidence in sharing vulnerable feelings about attraction, intimacy, sex, desires, etc.
  • Explore issues relating to a lack of sexual experience
  • Keep a positive outlook about dating, intimacy and love even when it gets tough
  • Find ways to reach your full potential and grow as a person