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5 (New) Things You Can Learn About Yourself While Dating

All too often we fail to recognize one of the key points of dating. ¬†As a culture we make dating all about connecting with our date and determining if that person has potential to offer us what we are looking … Continue reading

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Keep An Optimistic Attitude

Read below for 12 tips for maintaining a hopeful and optimistic perspective. Expect that good things will come to you and when they do, acknowledge them. Make a gratitude list every day. When you encounter feelings or situations that are … Continue reading

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Be An Empowered Author

We all have a life story that includes the high points and low points, twists and turns and important moments on our journey through life. Our life stories are made up of the events, situations, relationships, experiences and interactions that influence us and shape our existence. Negative, positive, pessimistic or optimistic themes emerge in our life stories depending on our perspective. We can view our struggles as opportunities for reflection and self-growth or view ourselves as victims in our struggles. We can blame others and downplay our own roles or find compassion to forgive, let go and move through life with grace and responsibility. We each have an important choice. Continue reading

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