Five Ways to Stop Nagging While Communicating What You Want to Your Partner

When feeling unheard, ignored or irritated by your partner, many women go into nagging mode thinking that nagging will get them what they want.  Unfortunately this is not the case as nagging prevents communication from being effective and can get in the way of emotional closeness and intimacy.  Nagging is not the best way to maintain a healthy relationship or to get your needs met although it can feel so tempting to nag in frustrating moments.

Instead, there are more effective and healthy ways to communicate your needs, wants, feelings and desires to your partner without threatening your emotional closeness.  It is also important to further examine and understand what causes you to nag so that you can gain self-awareness about your emotional experiences and develop better communication strategies to address important issues in your relationship.

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Rachel Dack, MS, LCPC, NCC

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