Six Reasons Why Your ‘Relationship Picker’ May Be Broken- eHarmony Guest Blog

In dating and relationships, you may look back and determine that you picked the “wrong” partner. Maybe you chose someone who looked good on paper, but was lacking relationship skills or was emotionally unavailable. You might have been blinded by his or her looks, status or financial stability and failed to see what was really going on. You may have enjoyed the challenge of pursuing someone who was not that into you.

Self-awareness tends to be the missing piece in attraction, partner selection, love, and relationships. Without understanding yourself and why you choose your partners, it is common to fall for the wrong men and women, repeat relationships patterns over and over again, and feel negatively about yourself in the end.  Without awareness, it is easy to end up in relationships that are not emotionally satisfying or protect yourself from fear of intimacy by unconsciously choosing the wrong partner.

For more on this topic and to gain insight into how and why you choose your partners or why you find yourself in unsatisfying relationships, click here for the full article.

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