How to Take Control of Negative Thinking- eHarmony Guest Blog

Negative thinking patterns make life less satisfying as they keep you stuck in what’s wrong versus what’s right. Negative thinking commonly gets in the way of what you really want. It leaves you feeling empty, dissatisfied and unsettled.

When your glass is half empty, it’s nearly impossible to see the good, the potential or silver linings and life lessons in each experience. In a relationship, this mentality makes it incredibly difficult for both you or your partner to be satisfied. For instance, if your partner feels that he or she can’t please you and enhance your happiness, he or she may feel inferior, helpless, unappreciated, etc.  If you feel that your partner never does anything good enough, relationship conflict, tension and resentment are likely to occur. Unfortunately, this dynamic can easily turn into a vicious cycle of negativity.

The energy you put out into the world radiates back to you, so when you are focused on the negative, that is what you will see and get in your relationships. Although you might have unconsciously or consciously formed negative beliefs to protect yourself from getting hurt or disappointed, it is time to create valuable change if you hope to maintain a healthy, loving relationship. I understand that it may feel easier to assume a new relationship won’t work (especially if you’ve been heartbroken before) instead of getting your hopes up, but isn’t one of your goals to meet someone amazing and thrive as a couple? If you answered yes, this is an opportunity to change your negative lense to a more reality-based and positive mindset.

To learn several valuable tips to decrease negative thinking patterns and how these positive mind shifts can enhance the quality of your dating and relationship life, click here to read my full article featured on eHarmony.

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Rachel Dack, MS, LCPC, NCC

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