What’s the Deal with ‘Love at First Sight?’- eHarmony Guest Blog

The concept of love at first sight appears in so many films that you would think most people felt that same way when they first met their partner or spouse. Romantic comedies and dramas portray magical moments where two character’s eyes lock for the first time and life is never the same. Sound familiar? Probably not!

We are a culture that thrives on music, television shows and stories with plots like the one described above. We love romance. After all, it is entertaining and to love and be loved is what we all want.  The problem, though, is that love at first sight stories and fairytale endings create unrealistic expectations about our real relationships. Sometimes we forget that relationships actually take work and that your partner does not come into your life to fix you.

Although there is no right or wrong in believing in love at first sight, believing in the concept too rigidly may be keeping you single or causing you to miss out on potential partners.

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Rachel Dack, MS, LCPC, NCC


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