One Thing to Never Forget During Your Quest for Love- eHarmony Guest Blog

As a psychotherapist and relationship coach, I work with single adults looking for love and navigating the dating world. My clients often come to my office feeling worn out and overwhelmed by the dating process. They may contemplate giving up on dating, although they don’t want to miss out on lasting love. They may feel burnt out as they sacrifice themselves and their needs for their dates. They may constantly blow off their gym class or plans with friends and find that dating is not working in the way they had hoped.

Self-care is the missing piece on their quest for love…

Self-care, or the ways you care for and nurture yourself, greatly affects the quality of your dating experiences and intimate relationships. Self-care involves tuning into your needs on an emotional, physical and psychological level and acting in ways that promote positive wellbeing and self-appreciation. Engaging in self-care is a continuous process, helping us reach (and enjoy) our highest potential and partake in healthy, satisfying relationships with others.

Self-care plays an important role in dating and intimacy. Many daters believe that if they focus all of their energy and time on dating, they will find an ideal partner more quickly. That may be the case for some, however, ditching your exercise regimen, plans with friends, sleep routine and other commitments may create feelings of guilt, a decreased level of confidence and leave you feeling uneasy or stressed.

So how do you take care of yourself while navigating the world of dating and relationships?

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Wishing you the best on your quest for love,

Rachel Dack, MS, LCPC, NCC

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